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There’s always been a debate about UV ink tattoos. Are they good or not good for you? The answer really depends upon each individual, skin type and lifestyle, considering their freedom to express themselves. So we’re laying down all the pros & cons for you to decide yourself. Check out these 10 cool & trippy UV ink tattoos and learn how it works. 😉


HOW IT WORKS: a black light looks Dark purple, but it really emits the whole ultraviolet spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye. Under a UV light, anything white, and colors that contain “Phospor”, such as the Uv ink, or a glow stick, emit bright light. This is due to the fact that Phospor is any substance that absorbs energy and re-emits it as visible light.

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Did you know? Some laundry detergents contain phosphors to give you the “whiter than white” effect on your white & bright clothes. Bet ya didn’t see that!

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So, in conclusion, SOME, BUT NOT ALL UV inks contain phosphor. Which brings us to the 1st PRO: It looks cool but; CON: it may give you an allergic reaction (depending on your skin type).

PRO: You’ll totally rock in a rave party but CON: consider how it would look like under normal light conditions.
PRO: It totally looks rad! CON: The FDA has not officially approved UV inks yet.
Cool tattoo idea! However, not all tattooers are into the idea. UV inks are not so easy to tattoo.

Pro: landing a job would be easy, and they wouldn’t know about your little secret. 😉 Con: it’s not as committed to Traditional tattooing… The one that our ancestors passed on to us… Which is the main use of black ink & wearing them with visibility & pride. 😉

So what do you think, guys? Would you get one? Share your experiences! 🙂 have a day full of light!

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