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For many the physical pain that comes with getting a tattoo is the reason they will never get one, but perhaps it is the pain of getting a tattoo that makes them such a good art form.

Even if you don’t have a tattoo or know much about tattooing in general you will know one thing, they hurt! A needle repeatedly piercing your skin will never feel like a gentle massage and many people see this as a good thing. Getting a tattoo is journey, it’s a badge of honour that you have to earn. Would a tattoo even be as satisfying if it didn’t hurt? Knowing that you sat through hours of pain, hurt and tears to get your tattoo just makes it so much more, it enables you to display it with pride, showing that you went under the needle, endured the hurt and got some kickass body art!!

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A 40 year veteran of tattooing Jack Rudy is a well respected artist and an advocate of the pain of tattoos being a necessity;

 “It’s a good thing tattoos hurt, because otherwise, every pussy in the world would have one”


If there is ever a world where you can get a tattoo without pain, then that would surely be a sad day for tattooing! The pain of a tattoo is as much a part of the tattoo as the outline and colour, some people like tattoos because they hurt, as if it is a form of therapy, a time when they can shut off and relax. Yeah tattoos hurt and they are better for being painful, it makes having a tattoo that little bit better!


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…So next time you find yourself in the artists chair embrace the pain and enjoy it for what it is, you don’t just get a tattoo you earn it under the needle! Remember ‘pain is weakness leaving the body’ …




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