Ever wondered what makes the tattoos we love so much stay with us, as they describe it, forever? This video briefly explains why.

Reactions – Everyday Chemistry of YouTube shows us what makes a tattoo a tattoo. We usually just see how it looks, rarely ever thinking about how it manages to hold up even after all these years. Reactions tackles the science of tattoos and everything involved in the process.

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They got Rachel Feltman of Washington Post explain what’s going on under your skin when you get a tattoo, as she gets a tattoo at the moment of filming. “The tattoo needles are puncturing my skin at about 50 to 3,000 times a minute,” she quips.She explains why tattoos look so vibrant right after we had them done and what leads them to fade overtime.


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Really, there’s so much more to tattoos than what would look good on your left forearm and about the countless designs you can choose from. Happy tattooing, everyone!


Bron: Tattoodo.com