Tattoos not just art

      Tattoos, a beautiful and expressive art form, yet at the same time so much more. People often look at tattoos in a very black and white view, they are a permanent picture upon your body, but what about when tattoos break away from this and show the positive consequences they can bring and the life changing effects they can have. Tattoos are not just an image, they are anything and everything they want to be, a symbol of hope, a sign of progress, an act to make loved ones not feel isolated. Tattoos are awesome and those who disagree are most likely narrow minded, still don’t believe...

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Tattooed Shoes by Oliver Sweeney

Oliver Sweeney is a traditional British shoe company founded in 1989, and over the past two decades they have built a reputation as one of the finest shoe manufacturers in the world by combining traditional styles and processes with contemporary fashion and technology. Now while Oliver Sweeney produce incredible products there is one that suits tattoo enthusiasts more than others; the Oliver Sweeney Tattoo… Yep these guys actually tattoo shoes!! Tattoos and fashion have mixed on many occasions and there are hundreds of tattoo designs now found on clothes, shoes and bags etc. but for the most part those tattoo inspired products are not created by traditional tattooing – there is no...

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Who Wouldn’t Want This Tattooed Sofa in Their Home?

    I actually found out about Gina McQueen through tattoo artist Akuma Shugi on Facebook indirectly. She showed up on his profile’s ‘People You May Know’ tab while I was looking through the tattoos he’d done. I wouldn’t have found out about her impressive works if I hadn’t been too curious. Gina McQueen hand paints Irezumi on leather from London. This particular piece she’s been working on the past months happens to be a custom tattooed sofa for a client in New York. Unluckily, Gina have been quite busy the past weeks so she hasn’t been able to go for a little chat. She won’t mind if we share her marvellous creations, though....

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Find Out Why Tattoos Are Permanent

      Ever wondered what makes the tattoos we love so much stay with us, as they describe it, forever? This video briefly explains why. Reactions – Everyday Chemistry of YouTube shows us what makes a tattoo a tattoo. We usually just see how it looks, rarely ever thinking about how it manages to hold up even after all these years. Reactions tackles the science of tattoos and everything involved in the process. They got Rachel Feltman of Washington Post explain what’s going on under your skin when you get a tattoo, as she gets a tattoo at the moment of filming. “The tattoo needles are puncturing my skin at...

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