Tattoos, a beautiful and expressive art form, yet at the same time so much more. People often look at tattoos in a very black and white view, they are a permanent picture upon your body, but what about when tattoos break away from this and show the positive consequences they can bring and the life changing effects they can have. Tattoos are not just an image, they are anything and everything they want to be, a symbol of hope, a sign of progress, an act to make loved ones not feel isolated. Tattoos are awesome and those who disagree are most likely narrow minded, still don’t believe me, then check out these tattoos and watch them restore your faith in humanity.

We all know what the most popular tattoos are, tribal, traditional, Japanese so a tattoo of a insulin pump is definitely not the norm, but for two parents it was the perfect tattoo. Camille Boivin and Philippe Aumond are a mother and father whose 5 year old son Jacob has type 1 diabetes and wears an insulin pump 24 hours a day as a result! For the couple it was a no brainer that an insulin pump tattoo on their stomach was a must, getting the tattoo so their child doesn’t feel different is truly a beautiful act by these loving parents.



A recent trend in tattooing has been the rise of mastectomy tattoos, a beautiful way of overcoming one of the most difficult experiences women can go through. Breast cancer tattoos are some of the most empowering and elegant pieces of body art out there and a fantastic example of how tattoos can help people heal and overcome traumatic periods in their life.



As we saw above the lengths parents go to for their children knows no bounds, parents will do anything for their children, it’s what being a parent is and as we saw getting a special tattoo for them is no exception. Eighteen-month old Honey-Rae was born with a large birthmark on her leg and as she has got older it has grown with her, but seeking to embrace their daughters uniqueness her mother Tanya and father Adam both got their daughters birthmark tattooed on their own legs.

“Most people might think it’s very extreme but to us it was the natural thing to do to ensure our daughter never felt different or alone in the world.”


Young Honey-Rae and her amazing parents!

The couple and their daughter now have matching birthmarks and are all the happier for it, theirs is a perfect example of how embracing what makes someone different is never a bad thing! Take who you are and enjoy it!

Tattoo artists often get strange requests it’s part of the job, but a request made to artist Jason Ward at Muscle & Ink Tattoo Studio was something different to all others. An amazing women called Suzie Barry who has down syndrome walked through the studios doors and handed the artist a packet of stick on tattoos and asked him to put them on her. Not to be deterred Jason agreed and from then on every Friday Suzie returns for her latest batch of temporary ink! So each week Jason sets up his station and gives this awesome lady a new tattoo she can enjoy and show off! … You see tattoo artists aren’t all hardcore tattooed people! They’re genuine people who can make big differences in the world by doing the littlest things.



Tattoos are not just art, they are ways to restore ones faith in humanity!