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Oliver Sweeney is a traditional British shoe company founded in 1989, and over the past two decades they have built a reputation as one of the finest shoe manufacturers in the world by combining traditional styles and processes with contemporary fashion and technology. Now while Oliver Sweeney produce incredible products there is one that suits tattoo enthusiasts more than others; the Oliver Sweeney Tattoo… Yep these guys actually tattoo shoes!!

Tattoos and fashion have mixed on many occasions and there are hundreds of tattoo designs now found on clothes, shoes and bags etc. but for the most part those tattoo inspired products are not created by traditional tattooing – there is no use of a tattoo machine and ink – Oliver Sweeney on the other hand takes machine in hand to create their designs and personalize their products!!


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The process is done in exactly the same way as it is on skin (leather is skin, after all), with our in-house tattoo artist using a real tattoo machine and ink, resulting in a beautiful, individual finishing touch to your purchase. And, as with a skin tattoo, the design, words and style of tattoo are limited only by your imagination -oliversweeney.com

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In true tattoo style Oliver Sweeney works with you on your chosen product and design and ensures it is custom to you! Even if you don’t feel like purchasing some custom tattooed shoes be sure to check out their website!
Bron: Tatoodo.com